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PowerUP GmbH is an energy engineering company that specializes in high-tech products and solutions for gas engines. With customers in over 40 countries in the world, we are constantly developing cutting edge technology and solutions for the energy industry.


Nordroy Power FZC Offers specialized service expertise to its client for engine O&M, Troubleshooting, and upgradations. Nordroy Power FZC have very trained staff performing the maintenance at site in very professional way providing clients full peace of mind.
Nordroy Power FZC providing 24/7 services to client to meet any emergency ensuring that our clients have safe and smooth operation throughout the year by maintaining the minimum down time.

✓ Troubleshooting

1 Round the clock troubleshooting anywhere in the country

✓ Maintenances

1 Routine Maintenance
2 Corrective Maintenance
3 Minor Overhauling
4 Major Overhauling

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